PushPush.io Partner Program

Invite other users to monetize their websites with PushPush.io and earn!

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PushPush.io pays for each new user you bring in

You will earn money for each user who signed up at one of the services partnered with PushPush.io through your personal link. The money will start being regularly charged to your account as soon as a new user sends the first web push ad to the lists of their subscribers.

Partnership model

Whenever you bring in a new lead who starts sending web push ads with PushPush.io, you will regularly get a part of their revenue.

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    We give you a unique partner link

    You find the link in the personal account of the service you use for sending campaigns, provided it is partnered with PushPush.io.

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    You share the partner link with others

    You invite friends and colleagues to monetize their websites using any service partnered with PushPush.io.

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    We pay you 7% of the revenue of each new user you brought in

    The more web push ads users send to their subscriber lists, the greater profit you will make.

How to effectively promote your partner link

We recommend using multiple channels to share your unique link.

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Social media

Add the link to your Instagram bio or paste it to your Facebook wall with a short description of PushPush.io.

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Tell others about your experience with website monetization in a blog post or YouTube video.

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Product review websites

Post a review about PushPush.io with your partner link on dedicated websites.

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Promote your link with a banner advertisement on a website.

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Forums and Telegram channels

Use your partner link in your forum signature or post it to a Telegram channel.

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Word of mouth

Tell other people about your experience of making money through website monetization and they will ask for a partner link themselves.

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How to participate in the Partner Program

Sign up at any service partnered with PushPush.io and activate web push monetization in “Web Push” section. This is where you will also find your unique partner link for inviting new users.

Earn revenue from website monetization and share your experience with other people