Website monetization with web push notifications

Website owners make profit, while advertisers promote their brands

For website owners

Easy to implement

to implement

Weekly payouts


Detailed performance report

performance report

Monetizing websites with web push notifications

For advertisers

Ads sent daily

Ads sent daily

Wide target audience reach

Wide target audience reach

Placement of ads for different business fields

Placement of ads for different business fields

Sending ads to lists with active subscribers

4 steps to successful website monetization

To monetize your web push traffic, proceed as follows

  • icon add site

    Add a website where the web push ads will be delivered to pays for showing web push ads to the subscriber lists from SendPulse. Sign up for an account in the service, and add a generated code to your website.

  • icon add subscribes

    Collect a subscriber base

    Visitors arrive on your website and see an opt-in box asking to allow push notifications. Once they click “Allow,” users join your subscriber base. The larger the base, the higher the profit.

  • icon activate site

    Activate web push ads

    Advertisers need your permission to send web push ads to your subscribers. To grant them the permission, activate the monetization system in your account.

  • icon activate profit

    Make money

    Website monetization with web push notifications is an additional source of passive income. You just have to setup the monetization system once. The system needs neither additional efforts nor investing.

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